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making F.A.R.E. electricity

At an energy charrette hosted by Yukon Energy in 2011, Yukoners agreed on four priorities when it comes to electricity: it had to be flexible, affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible (F.A.R.E).

In all our activities, Yukon Energy endeavors to provide electricity that meets the F.A.R.E. principles.

What makes flexible electricity?

  • It’s scalable, meaning that it can just as easily supply a smaller amount of electricity as it can a larger amount
  • It can handle sudden changes in the demand for power
  • It can work well with other types of energy generation and can adapt to new sources of electricity being added to the grid

What makes affordable electricity?

  • It doesn’t cause “bill shock” for customers if it’s added to the system
  • It makes the most efficient use of the electricity system and of available project funds

What makes reliable electricity?

  • It can meet electricity demand in both summer and winter.
  • It can provide power no matter the weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, windy, etc.).
  • It’s an energy source that will be available for many years.
  • There are features built into the system to minimize the number and duration of power outages.

What makes environmentally responsible electricity?

  • There are minimal impacts on the planet and its inhabitants.
  • The energy source used is renewable.
  • The energy source results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.